Counselling for Couples

I also offer Counselling for Couples in English

This page is meant for couples who are looking for Couple Councelling/Therapy in English. It only gives you an overview; for further details please have a look at the pages „Paartherapie„/“Anfahrt„/“Kontakt„.

If you are interested or have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

What is Counselling for Couples?

When you are having problems in your relationship or marriage, Couple Counselling/Therapy offers a secure environment where you can safely open up to feel, explore and express your underlying emotions, longings and fears. Couple Counselling/ Therapy aims to encourage clear communication which in turn can help to build an intimate connection between the couple and enables it to resolve issues.

When can Counselling for Couples help?

Couple Counselling/Therapy explores any areas of conflict that exist between a couple and the difficulties that arise between the two people – which may find expression through repeated arguments, violence or outbursts, communication breakdown, sexual difficulties, withdrawal of affection or unrealistic expectations of one an other. Maybe trust is eroded or broken through betrayal (affairs, debts or secrets). Or depression, tension or health problems show that the relationship is under strain. Sometimes separation or divorce feels like the only option.

Counselling for Couples can be beneficial to couples of all ages and whatever stage of life.

Couple Counselling is no magic cure, it requires that you are willing to change and committed to working on yourself and your relationship.

Sometimes the outcome can mean staying together in a stronger and more resolved relationship. But sometimes it can lead towards the realistic ending of a relationship where that is appropriate.

How I work

In my therapeutic practice I use an integrative model incorporating elements of Systemic Therapy, Integrative Behavioural Couple Therapy and Emotionally Focused Therapy. As a trained couple counsellor I provide a safe and contained environment that fosters the emotional safety needed to

  • find out what is going on inside you and between you and your partner
  • appreciate the mutual impact you have on each other and therefore perceive yourself and your partner from a new perspective
  • talk and listen. To communicate your feelings and needs in a different way that brings you closer rather than pushing you apart
  • feel secure enough to assert your needs from a place of openness and vulnerability that allows your partner to respond without feeling judged, resentful, unappreciated, inadequate, incompetent, criticised or blamed
  • openly talk through difficult issues in new ways that heal and strengthen your relationship bond.

I offer you my neutrality, my specialist knowledge and skills needed to access and heal emotions and transform relationships. Everything discussed is strictly confidential and handled with warmth, care and sensitivity.